2021 FM NG911FutureMakers™

Christopher Blake Carver, ENP

As a career Fire/EMS dispatcher in Ohio and NYC, 911 PSAP Director at NENA, and now the Sales Director for NG911 CAD provider Hexagon Safety, Chris has had a front-row seat to cataclysmic events like Y2K, 9/11, the Northeast Blackout, and Hurricane Sandy. Not only does Chris understand the mission, he understands managing the mission and the people who can make the difference. He understands the value of mentorship from seasoned professionals but also values the mentorship that a rookie can provide as they bring additional talents in new modalities that were never possible in the past. Enjoy these wise words from this week’s NG911 FutureMaker™ and colleague I am proud to call a friend, Christopher Blake Carver, ENP.

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