2021 FM NG911FutureMakers™

Stephen Martini, RPL ENP – Metro Nashville Emergency Communications

Metro Nashville Emergency Communications Center Director Stephen Martini started out as a dispatcher in Chattanooga TN, where he spent several years on the desk honing his communications officer skills. He then moved to Hamilton County where he concentrated on training and QA for the staff there, earning his ENP. Martini then furthered his supervisory skills in Brentwood for several years before moving up to Director at Metro Nashville. We discussed the importance of maintaining interest and levels of excellence within the staff at the center, and how to move employees forward in their call handling expertise while embracing technology to get the job done better wherever possible. He understands the technology enough to know that system diversity is the best prevention of failure, and looks to build out NG911 services in the Country Music capital of the world, By providing expanded services to the citizens under his care. Steven martini is an excellent example of today’s NG911 FutureMakers™.

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