2021 FM NG911FutureMakers™

Ty Wooten, ENP – Director of Education for NENA

As many of our NG911FutureMakers™ have commented in past episodes, education and training in addition to personal and mental health are all key cornerstones of the successful emergency services telecommunicator. Just as important, of any good standards organization, is the training and educational arm that ensures that those key tenants are met and maintained in their industry. While this week’s guest claims he started taking calls back in the 1800s taking emergency calls, we know that is simply his love for the industry speaking from the heart. He has earned the respect and trust of thousands, always willing to step up to the plate, always willing to “do the right thing”, and always with the concerns and well being of others put in front of himself. I simply cannot think of many other 911 professionals that have given of themselves to this industry, and impacted the lives of civilians and dispatchers alike. That being the case, it is my great pleasure to bring you a true NG911FutureMaker™, and someone I am proud to call a close personal friend, Ty Wooten ENP, the Director of Education at NENA.

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